Shepparton City Council


Mar - May 2018


Service Design
Strategic Design
Service Mapping
Pamphlet Design

Single Project


Shepparton is known as the ‘food bowl of Australia’. However, its agricultural industry is declining and it is facing a number of challenges such as food insecurity, low young adults population and monopoly of supermarkets. It poses a critical question ‘How to Grow Shepp?’ This can be examined at various levels - agriculturally, economically and socially. To revitalise the community, this project looks into the possibility of “agritourism” and how different target audiences could be attracted to and get engaged in this new travel service.

Service Design Research

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Through ethnographic research and field trips to Shepparton, this project maps out the key findings visually in the forms of infographics, personas and service blueprint. The new service - Sheppers, targets at six potential user groups: weekend getaway, future farmer, bespoke experience, retirement life, garden lover and family adventure. It enables users to customise their journey to Shepparton through the website and enjoy the experience using the farm gate map and information on the pamphlet.


Single Project

Website Prototype

Single Project

Exhibition Invitation Card

Single Project

An exhibition was held in 2018 to showcase all the works and ideas from RMIT Industrial Design and Landscape Architecture students. This invitation card is distributed and circulated among key stakeholders who have been involved in the Shepparton projects. A map is created to illustrate the venue location and parking area.