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Mar - May 2017


Service Design
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The Salvation Army operates a large number of op shops where people can donate goods for others to purchase. However, there is a tendency for people to dump their unwanted goods and people do not usually associate op shops with good quality items. To change this perception and encourage more high-value and high-quality donations, this project proposes a new donation system in the form of a primary school fete.

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Service Mapping & Research

Primary school fete is a great platform to inform, educate and promote the practice of donation. In this new system, Salvos will be collaborating with different local primary schools and use their school ovals to hold the donation fete. It appeals to the local community and allows people to donate and buy. This new service introduces a new digital tagging system which allows items to be categorised, managed and sold in a more efficient way. Some examples of marketing materials, such as banner, map and t-shirts are also designed to help visualise the physical donation experience.


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