May 2017


Service Design
UX Design
App Prototyping

Single Project


Cooking for one is always a challenge. It is easy to get into the loop of repeating dishes in the week or the month, which makes cooking and eating becoming unexciting. This service design project offers a new way of planning meal ideas for busy people, especially the singles, who value a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food. This new digital user experience hopes to bring excitement and savvy meal planning ideas for people who want to save money but eat well.

Single Project

User Interface

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This new service allows users to choose a set of ingredients, such as grains, vegetables and proteins. From those selections, a list of meal ideas will be generated for users to browse and select. Upon selecting their meal plans, a grocery list will be automatically created. The user interface is clean and sleek without wordy sentences. It also allows smooth and intuitive navigation through the use of icons.