Jan 2016


Character Design

Single Project


This is a personal project which explores a fun way of learning Japanese through traditional folktales. Children stories are often one of the most effective tools for acquiring new vocabularies and enhancing the comprehension of written text. To document these folktales visually, I created illustrations of characters, animals and cultural items for each story. Many stories share common topics and items. Through repetitive learning, Japanese learners can memorise common vocabularies by reading different folktales. The cards are cues to help them recall the stories and help to practice free talk.

Single Project Single Project Single Project

The design of Japanese old calendar (ko-yo-mi) is one of the most intriguing parts of this project. It required in-depth research into the meanings behind the naming, the traditional events held and the cultural practices observed in each month. This design not only allows Japanese learners to gain new vocabularies but also expands their knowledge of Japanese traditions through the mean of play.