Victoria Legal Aid


Jul - Oct 2017


Service Design
Strategic Design
Pamphlet Design
Website Prototype
Short Animation

Single Project


Social justice is to protect an individual’s human rights in a diverse society. In particular, legal aid plays a vital role in assisting and representing individuals who are less privileged to deal with legal matters. However, the practice of social justice is often limited due to the top-down distributional legal system. People who are most in need are marginalised and their voices are not heard by the ‘justice’ system. Therefore, this project works in collaboration with Victoria Legal Aid to explore opportunities for a better user experience of the legal services.

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Background Research & System Mapping

This research examines the complexity of duty lawyer service provided by the Victoria Legal Aid and explores the ways in which service design can help to address the pain points in the system. To understand the complex service system, it organises the research findings in the form of stakeholders map, user journey map and service blueprint and presents them through visual documentation.

Info Pamphlet

Single Project

Through literature reviews and ethnographic research, it identifies the need to have easier access to legal information and a sense of personal touch when receiving the service. The pamphlet uses an empathetic approach to educate and encourage people who are facing legal issues to take early actions and appropriate steps to resolve their problems. This pamphlet presents some examples of how people dealt with their legal issues previously through a personal narrative. It also provides some key contacts at the back to help users understand and access relevant services, such as Centrelink and MoneyHelp.

Website Prototype

Another design outcome is a digital platform which enables users to navigate easily and intuitively. It provides legal information in a step-by-step approach using plain language and visual timelines. A short animation is created to introduce the new service - and how it can help users of the duty lawyer service to understand the legal system better.

Short Animation