Utopia Refugees and Asylum Seekers Health


Oct 2018 - Jul 2019


Service Design
Human-centered Design
Strategic Design
Logo Design

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Comm+unity is an honours project that looks into the area of refugee health. Research shows that the increasing population of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia is posing significant challenges to the delivery of refugee healthcare services in society. This project aims to improve health literacy, facilitate active health management and provide an inclusive healthcare service for the newly arrived refugees.

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Literature reviews indicate that women health and the lack of health literacy are two key areas of concern. It is due to a mix of reasons, such as accessibility issues, language and cultural barriers. This project focuses on a particular group of refugees, the Burmese women, and identifies the unique characteristics and challenges they face when navigating the current services. This design project intends to empower refugee women to take active control of their health through accessible entry of the healthcare service and enhanced understanding of health information using a culturally relevant design approach.

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As part of the background research, the user journey map is created to outline the experience of the service from the patient’s perspective. Through visualising the touchpoints of the journey, it can be seen that accessibility to the service and cultural understanding of health information are two critical challenges. This project is now in its ideation phase. It will explore ways to ease the worry of trust issues and help refugee women to gain better health through education and community involvement.

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